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Show Prop Rentals

The following items are available for rental from Great Lakes Productions. See each item below for photo and rental rates. Be sure to read the Terms of Rental Agreement information.

Terms of Rental:

Rental Items are the responsibility of the renter until they are returned to the Great Lakes Production Office. DO NOT return rental items to any other location.

There is a deposit fee required for all items. Rented items are to be returned in the same or better condition than when they were shipped. Items CANNOT be altered during the rental period. If the rented item is damaged in any way, Great Lakes will retain the required deposit or make other arrangements with renter for repair or replacement of rented item(s).

Renter takes the items as is, without warranty of any kind or nature whatsoever as to their condition, maintenance, or fitness for the intended purpose. Renter assumes all risks associated with the use of all items, and indemnifies and releases Great Lakes Productions and its employees and agents from liability and claims of any kind arising from the use of the rented items.

Great Lakes reserves the right to refuse to lend its equipment to anyone in its sole discretion.

Shipping: It is the responsibility of the renting organization to pay for all shipping charges for the rental.

To Rent Great Lakes Productions' Props: Contact Nancy Calocerinos with your rental request at (585) 865-4200 or e-mail:

Please have the following information available:
* Company requesting Rental
* Location of Performances and under of performances
* Requested dates of rentals use.

Show Prop Rental:


Sister Mary Annette - "Nunsense" Puppet/Marionette
is everybody's party favorite!
This sassy nun only stops
talking when you do.

Nun's Habit - "Nunsense"
We have a full set of Nun's Habits for your performance of Nunsense.
Sizes are:
Two (2) Extra Larges,
Two (2) Larges (one with the novice whimple)
One (1) medium

Dying Nun Hat - "Nunsense"
You'll soar like Sally Field in the Original NUNSENSE Flying "Dying" Nun Hat. Double starched fabric with spandex wimple.

For Additional Information:
Call  (585) 865-4200