Joey and Maria's Comedy Wedding!
Joey and Maria's Comedy Wedding
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Everyone remembers their High School years.  Join us with the zaniest group of Alumni ever to come together in one night.  This is the Alumni Reunion for West Side High – engaging all the classes from all the years! You’ll get reunited with this fabulous cast of characters.   You’ll meet Principal Francis Baal – who has been at West Side High since he was a teenager!  Principal Baal is joined by his old friend and teaching colleague Porter Thomas – who still thinks that he “has what is takes” to entertain the women.  Although his wife, Carolyn Tease Thomas continues to test his true love for her! Great Girlfriends – Loretta Luchese and Sharon Stapinski join the festivities and welcome some of their “Pink Petticoat Sorority Sisters”.  Our lovely Alumni Ruby Jackson a.k.a. Kenya who lets us know about her politic beliefs.  Hillary Hudson – one of our most polished alumni is also running for a seat on the school board.
Bennett Benson and Jerry Jackson have been solid buddies since High School.  They are opposites that totally complement each other! 
Everyone will remember the High School Cheer, Our Pink Petticoats and THE cheerleaders!   There is always a surprise ending when you have as crazy a group of alumni as West Side High.

Comedy Retirement Party

Tony's Soaprano is retiring and Paulie Peanuts is throwing him a surprise party in this hilarious interactive audience participation parody. You'll meet the family and associates. There's always surprises through the night. You get to:

* Party with the Soapranos

* Audition for the Bada Bing Club

* Get inducted into the MOB

* Join in our Mob Training Courses

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